Arrange For Tree Removal Services In Houston, TX

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Trees

Worried about a tree falling on your home or commercial facility? Choose Garrett Tree Service for emergency tree removal in Houston, TX or surrounding areas. We can use heavy-duty equipment to remove trees from your property safely.

You can rely on us to remove trees that are:

  • Leaning towards your home or other structure
  • Damaging property with their roots
  • Blocking your view
  • Dying or diseased

Call today for emergency tree services. We have experience removing trees of all sizes.

Protect your property from falling trees

Protect your property from falling trees

Garrett Tree Service provides emergency tree removal services in the Houston, TX area. Removing trees can:

  • Help protect your property from falling trees and limbs
  • Open up space in your yard for a patio or outdoor kitchen
  • Stop the spread of tree disease
  • Improve your view

Contact us today to schedule emergency tree services. We can remove trees without damaging your property.