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Rid Your Yard of Bothersome Stumps

Tired of almost tripping on that old stump in the middle of your yard? Choose Garrett Tree Service for stump grinding services in Houston, TX or surrounding areas. We can remove stumps from your yard easily using our specialized stump grinder. Once the nuisance stump is removed, our experts will backfill the hole to keep your yard looking its best.

Contact us today to schedule reliable stump removal services. By the time our experts are done removing stumps from your yard, you won't be able to tell they were ever there.

Discover the benefits of removing stumps

Discover the benefits of removing stumps

Garrett Tree Service does stump removal work in the Houston, TX area. Removing unsightly stumps can:

  • Reduce insect infestations
  • Create space for an outdoor living area
  • Improve the appearance of your landscape
  • Remove tripping hazards

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